The firm

The law firm Minihold is a specialised law firm founded with the claim to be one of the best among the good. Our work begins where the borders of business and law converge and influence each other. The rare combination of legal advice and tax advice provides our clients with greater cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Our own demands concerning the quality of our work makes specialisation absolutely necessary. For this reason, our work focuses on selected areas of law: company and tax law as well as finance, capital market and banking law.

The law firm Minihold combines a national presence with international contacts. Wherever we deal with cross-border transactions and business solutions, we work closely with our networks. We are a small specialised law firm and we want to stay that way. Only as a powerful small group can we be as flexible, efficient and persistent for our clients as we believe it to be necessary.


Looking ahead and thinking laterally is our motto. Anyone who remains curious and asks questions can really get to the bottom of things. Flexible thinking and perseverance in the matter guarantee that our clients get the best solution.

For every question there is only one uncompromising answer: the individual. That’s why we pay special attention to individual advice and support.

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